Pilates Circle
Pilates Circle
Pilates Circle
Pilates Circle
Pilates Circle
Pilates Circle

Pilates Circle

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Why should you buy this product?

The current situation in the world has led us to be all in one place, our home.

Now taking care of yourself is more important than ever the lack of physical movement and vitamin D is more noticeable than ever.

That's why we bring you this useful and practical Magic Ring with which you can exercise both mind and body doing Pilates and Yoga.

How can I use this product?

The magic exercise circle can be used in different ways Place the circle between the upper legs and apply force by pushing the legs as close to each other as possible.

One of the other possibilities: hold the circle with both arms extended and push the arms as close to each other as possible.

Suitable for everyone! We leave you some exercises👇

How do I make the purchase?

Just choose the color you like the most and the desired quantity then you just have to press the add to cart button.

Payment methods are paypal and / or card💳

How long does shipping take?

You should receive your product at most in 21 days.

And I say it should because with the current situation in the world it is likely to take a little longer, delivery is GUARANTEED anyway!


👉 We accept Returns if:

-The product arrives in poor condition✅

-The product that arrives is not the same as the one in the image✅

-The product fails in the first days of use✅

For the return of the product and / or refund of your Money you just have to write to WHATSAPP.

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